Being a lifestyle journalist has introduced me to all the important industries related to the ”rich and famous”, from automotive to watches, from fashion to luxury travelling. During my entrepreneurial career, I merge my passion for beauty with my storytelling vocation.

An introduction to the beautiful side of life


Some people call it “Luxury” but I prefer to use the term “Premium Lifestyle”. Therefore I have built a training course for “premium habits” with the mission to upgrade characters but, more important, with the power to help business people to improve their communication skills.

I promise you a “a one day trip” to all the important Lifestyle places: coffee, business dress code, watches excellence and genuine Whisky.


Knowing how to read the dress codes came out as a main drive to specialize myself for image consultancy, along my mission as a lifestyle storyteller.


A glimpse of my style

Style Diary
March 20, 2019

Rocco Forte’s Hotel de la Ville – The view that gives you Rome

Escaping from the noise and dust following me on the stairs for the last 8 floors, I open the classic wooden doors to fly. I make one step to reach...
Style Diary
February 3, 2019

Baselworld to another world for 2019

The world of watches shook and stirred last year while the announcements of brands leaving Baselworld kept pouring in. It was first Swatch group with all its legends like Omega...
Style Diary
January 14, 2019

Icon Watches, the right decision when you really think about watches

Among hundreds of thousands of watches, you only find a few with real stories behind. New day, same scenario. Someone calls me to ask about a watch with a funny…

Style Diary
October 2, 2018

Buckle-up, Ladies and Gentlemen! The automotive industry is moving faster than ever!

Paris Motor Show 2018 has opened its gates to bring another proof we are living unique times. Take a good look at the cars you see today on the streets...