Constantin Baches


I was born to be a storyteller. I remember I felt the pleasure of sharing emotions ever since childhood. Then it came the moment when I decided to embrace Journalism as it allowed me to be close to all the great stories, to all the great people and right in the heart of the action.

Back in 2000 I started with my first job as a newspaper reporter before dedicating  to the car magazines, as anything on four wheels has been my passion since ever. Shortly after graduating University as Journalist, I was entering the luxury lifestyle world as editor-in-chief of an exclusive magazine covering every domain targeting the ”rich and famous”. The passion for watches has grown as a second focus after the automotive industry from 2007 and culminated with defining the concept of what was to become a real specialized horological magazine.

2011 was the turning point of my career as I decided to start my own business as founder of an on-line lifestyle magazine and as communication consultant. The connection to the world of men style began with getting involved in the evolution of an Italian bespoke fashion brand. Working close to the Italian values of Elegance since 2007, I got to understand the importance of being sharply dressed as a business man. Ten years later, I find myself drawing the essence of what it means to be well dressed for the office as well as for formal or informal events, being one of the first certified trainer involved in lifestyle mentoring. Knowing how to read the dress codes came out as a main drive to specialize myself for image consultancy, along my mission as a lifestyle storyteller.