Style Diary

Al Sabatini

There’s a simplicity of flavors in everything you order at Sabatini restaurant that make up for any fancy details you’d wish for. A must for Milan!

I lost track of my dinners at Sabatini. I just know I have to be here at least once every time I am in Milan. And not because there are marble floors and expensive cars parked outside. There aren’t. But because Davide and his team keep the original Italian food spirit alive like in a few other restaurants. In the logo you see 1946 as the founding year but after the first bite of everything you really understand the true meaning of tradition and passion as well.

The interior setup is as Italian a place classically furnished can be but then wonders start happening in the plate you get in front of you. Ask for an assortment of traditional Italian appetizers next to a glass of prosecco as entry. Then, go for a Cotoletta Milanese, Tagliata di Manzo or a fresh fish prepared on the grill. Sometimes in between be sure not to miss the wood oven cooked pizza described as probably the best pizza in town.

I just know that one day I ask Davide why is his pizza so delicious and he replied that the pizza maker works in the restaurant from the time when he was still in school. Before one of the diet breakers desserts, try also the places famous pasta, especially the spaghetti con vongole e frutti di mare. And most important, each time you enter, the same faces make you feel at home. Made in Italy indeed!