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Baselworld to another world for 2019

By February 3, 2019 No Comments

The world of watches shook and stirred last year while the announcements of brands leaving Baselworld kept pouring in. It was first Swatch group with all its legends like Omega and Longines. Then many others rushed to say they will search for alternative methods to reach their partners and journalists. If you ask me, they were just waiting for the right moment to run from the Baselworld pressure as it may be judged by the high prices of being inside the most impressive and long living watch and jewellery fair in the luxury industry.

What we are looking for to discover for this year might be as spectacular as the idea of bringing all watch manufacturers under the same roof was 100 years ago. Today it looks like everything is about social media, influencers and no one sees the role of an big event like the one happening in Basel since 1917. After many editions where I was there in the middle of news and meetings I say there is still life ahead of this kind of concept. In the same time, there is a need for something new. So this is exactly what we are waiting for. The organisers  promise a big change and it all starts with opening the watch industry more to its rightful audience. The advantage is as obvious as anyone passionate about watches may admit: watches have to be touched and felt before being loved. Fact. You can see 1000 images of a specific model on Instagram but you can’t say you know a watch before you had it in your hands. There is still need for an event like Baselworld? I vote yes! It is only the conditions that have to change. The big brands will make a show. I am sure Patek Philippe, Rolex, Hublot, TAG, Breitling, Chopard, Grand Seiko and the independent small manufacturers will have a lot to say. It is Baselworld that has to make them feel al Home there. Still.

New Baselworld in brief:

  • March 21st to 26th 2019
  • Single day ticket: 45 CHF (on-line shop)/60 CHF (box office)
  • All days ticket: 110 CHF (on-line shop)/150 CHF (box office)
  • New halls architecture with a bigger focus on HALL 1
  • New restaurants area in centre

The Loop area dedicated to presenting the art of watchmaking

  • Les Ateliers area dedicated to the independent watchmakers
  • Show Plaza area dedicated to the jewellery manufacturers

More details on

See you there!