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Bentley Flying Spur, Scent of a Woman

By November 25, 2017 No Comments

Went for a ride with the Bentley Flying Spur and felt like flying back in time. Back in the days when men and cars had a special relationship.

Away from a foggy and cold autumn I sat on her soft armchair. I knew something about where I am going to be but once again life showed me the intense side of reality. I got an instant feeling of luxury but hardly can name that one thing to actually grab my attention. Still, there was something to win my imagination in the first second. Her perfume. Like nothing ever felt before. It’s delicate, discreet but it is there. I forgot for a moment where I was and all my senses ran to my head to draw me her portrait.

Ok, I know I will say Bentley and everyone will think of a man. For me, on the contrary, Bentley feels like the kind of luxury gift with the power to make you keep her and treasure her for a long time. So Bentley felt like a woman with the power to age beautifully and to make you proud even after there is a facelift or a new generation in town. She runs smooth but has enough power to keep you agile and fast. She listens to all your commands in the most seamlessly and intuitive way. Despite my knowledge about brands, engines and electronic systems, this time I took everything as it is.

Bentley is a part of a big and powerful automotive group, but, when she is alone for you, she sits proud. For sure it should do with her rich history of motorsport victories and blue blood owners. Every wooden detail, every piece of leather and even the Breitling watch on the dashboard are there to make you feel the scent of a woman. Special. Ageless. Royal.

V8 under the bonnet. 507 ps, 0-100 km/h in 5,2 s, top speed 295 km/h.

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