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Electric Joy

By December 24, 2017 No Comments

Been wearing something of a toy these last weeks. Which makes me smile every time I look at it. And it’s a watch. Finding a reason to smile comes easy. I have to know the time during the day, right?

Why do I like a watch? It should be about the price? Expensive watches make for the expensive status. But I must admit I feel attracted to a lot of watches. The strength I appreciate the most is their ingenuity. If I talk about the Icon pieces, their ingenuity is so strong as they still amaze even after 40 – 50 years since they were launched. I talk also about new comers who still find stories and niches to be desirable in a world where everything seems already invented.

Quartz watches look like old-fashion for the new refined generations. I may look at an entry level brand but, please, let me know it uses a mechanical caliber! The Electricianz have the courage to dig into the beauty of a Quartz skeleton. What? They don’t want to play too serious as life is serious enough. So they are a whole Swiss brand fresh starting from design. Now I am losing a few minutes a day looking deep into a perfectly shaped case where everything is uncovered. The battery and all the other elements of the electric mechanism. Sort of.

The dial is uncentered and the micro architecture challenges me to always look for imperfections. Hard game. Near the crown, I find the button for to light up the small hour dial and that’s it. Back to the fun part. The Electricianz dare to tell a story of four quartz models, two black, one brown and one yellow. Fine leather nato straps, too easy to mix and match. Enough to be easy to go with a relaxed lifestyle. Why complicate? Why think I can’t wear such a watch because it’s not expensive? Better! The Electric joy means ingenuity.

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