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Forte Village Magic Medicine

By September 5, 2018 No Comments

People use to ask me why am I still coming back to Forte Village? Is it for the Sardinian sun, the crystal sea or the green pines to perfectly match the blue sky? My answer is always the same. I come back to see my friends at Forte Village, those friends that make me feel like Summer in the real sense.

It has to be magic. It has to be. Otherwise the traveller in me won’t let me have the need to come back to the exact same place over and over again. It has to be the multitude of tastes and sensations that flood my heart from the second I get on the electric cart that takes me to the room. But in fact there are the faces and the smiles of all the people making Forte Village a one of kind destination in the world. I am so happy to be the first at the breakfast facing the beach but even more happy when I recognize the first face at the reception. The ingredients of the perfect vacation are called Lorenzo, Paolo, Magno, Marcelo, Renato, Enzo, Alessandro, Sofia, Giovanni and so many other names which I find so much joy to remember.

Indeed, Forte Village is about a big family whose mission is to make you feel at home. There’s no such thing as a perfect resort, but I am sure there is pure Magic that gives Forte Village the power to make you want to come back. And from all the people visiting, some leave just until the next year.

I know and I am happy to have inspired many people to try Forte Village and for sure I will inspire many more. But from all of them, only some will treasure its real value and will feel the need to be here year after year. Only some who like Magic just as it is. With no explanations needed. With no references to any price. How much does price matter if it is about buying a medicine for the soul? Especially a magic one!

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