Style Diary

A glimpse of Saint Tropez before the Summer season

If Saint Tropez would be a woman then it would have the power to make all men believe in Love at first sight.

I know most of the people think of the South of France as a summer destination but I would say it is the place you should wish for no matter the season. And I also know, that by mistake, a lot believe Saint Tropez it is a destination for expensive cars and endless rivers of champagne and loud music.

I think the South of France is a place retaining an intense summer flavor all year long. As for Saint Tropez, I say only that if it would be a woman, then it would have the natural beauty everyone is looking for. No makeup. No fancy clothes. No branded bags and shoes. This is how I have rediscovered the fishermen village during one April day. Alive and summerly decorated by a sun you’d wish to shine in your lover’s heart. Warm but not hot. Smiling but not hard laughing.

Just perfect. Thinking to experience Saint Tropez in August? I say try May or even April first. The perfect Mediterranean sea is still there and you just need to go to the beach to watch grandmas playing with their nephews to get completely relaxed. Only a few restaurants are open but those good one to show you why the main cooking techniques were born in France.