There must be a reason for which coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. And that is for the power to bring people together.

So what can be more interesting than finding out why? My program gets you inside the history of coffee, explaining how the legend turned out to be one of the most profitable business sectors in the world. We discover together why there are so many types of coffees and how to read the signs of a good quality blend.


There is a great difference between what people think about the Business way of dressing and what the Business way of dressing is really about.

My mission is to prove to you that a few simple guidelines are all that you need in order to build a strong personal image in the office, in the meeting rooms but also when you’re going out for fun. Instead of giving suggestions, my method first helps you to stay away from the common mistakes.


Wearing a time keeping device around your wrist as a man might seem useless during modern times but, in fact, the Swiss watch industry still earns more than 20 billion Swiss francs per year.

I focus on the explanations intended to justify the importance of a passion built around one of the few remaining high precision objects in the world where the human contribution still maters as added value. You will touch and feel watches ranging from common to spectacular.


The intense flavored alcohol left to age for at least three years before gaining the right to be named whisky may be your starting point for building strong business relations as well as durable friendships.

Whiksypedia is the perfect meeting place to end your lifestyle oriented experience but also the starting point of the journey to Scotland and to the other countries which proudly manufacture whisky around the Globe. My final module teaches you all you need to know about how to enjoy a glass of fine whisky or whiskey. And yes, nobody leaves the class without saying WOW, for at least once.