Style Diary

So long, Mr. Riva!

Whether you are or you’re not into boats, I’m sure you love the Beautiful Italian design in the shape that matches the French Riviera shores. Riva is the symbol of ”La Dolce Vita” and the genius who made it what it is today just left for better seas…

The Riva shipyard is synonymous to Rolls Royce and it’s been founded in Italy in 1842 on Lake Iseo. The business grew slowly and strong but for sure this is not what Riva means today. The absolute luxury image has to do with Mr. Carlo Riva, who took his family business back in the 1950’. As a designer and a true sea passionate he imagined the perfect boat in 1962 and baptized it Aquarama. He had the vision of where the luxury market was heading and understood he need to go to the US to expand the company.

The sleek shape, the mahogany covering every angle and the obsession for a perfect manufacturing process turned a boat into a symbol for ”La Dolce Vita”. Soon after, it became a MUST for everyone in search for the best and got photographed around celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren or Sean Connery. Aquarama is still the choice when talking the best in boats even if Carlo Riva sold the company since 1969 and remained president until 1971. It was himself who played again an important role when Feretti Group, the biggest Italian boats and yachts manufacturer, acquire Riva in 2000.

On Monday, Carlo Riva was 95 and he apparently did everything so that his name and his family business get a front seat within the luxury boats industry and for the luxury industry in general. Therefore, he decided to leave for the next adventure where the seas should be better. So long, Mr. Riva!