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Metaxa, exploring Greece for 130 years

There is a special charm around Greece most famous spirit. And this is because Metaxa is not just about drinking. On the contrary. Metaxa is a journey that takes you to the most beautiful places and brings you next to legendary people.

Seems like big words to describe a spirit, especially in our days when marketing goes up to unthinkable peaks. The flood of social-media messages seem to dilute and distort the reality so that the public goes on consuming its everyday life smiling. However Metaxa is keen to remain faithful to the passion that started everything. Spyros Metaxa wanted a taste impossible to confuse and he started from ingredients which only Greece is able to share to the world. It may seem a kind of brandy, but in reality it is impossible to compare as the original recipe makes Metaxa a unique journey. From here we have the idea that Spyros Metaxa was a visionary businessman but before anything else he remains in history as an explorer with thirst for knowledge. Every flavour comes from a special place where it seems that Gods left a hint of inspiration. You can just think about Samos Muscat wines. The wines from the Island were Goddess Hera was born but also the Island able to offer such sweet grapes so that the sweetness may be tastes in every drop of Metaxa

130 years since its founding, Metaxa continues exploring the Land of Senses and chooses three world explorers to take the story further. Metaxa went after three different visions of exploring but with the same thirst for knowledge.

Mike Horn is an explorer who pushes the limits of human ability, naturally powered and often solo. Among his records, he appears in 2017 as the first man to cross the Antarctic via the South Pole and in record timing without support or assistance. In 1997, he swam down the Amazon River from source to mouth solo and unsupported. Two years later, he succeeded to complete the first non-motorised circumnavigation of the globe around the Equator. Mike Horn is 51 today and continues exploring with the same energy. He has an expedition on going from one Pole to another on water, an overland adventure across South East Asia and many other projects that will take him to Pakistan, the Arctic Ocean and Greenland. Everything seems possible after surviving the Antarctic, a land with no life. His connection to Metaxa came from the idea of a spirit impossible to fit into any particular category. Just as he feels as an explorer.

Laura Bingham believes in exploring through self. At only 25 years old, she is among the bravest explorers in the world. In 2016 she crossed South America on bike, without any money, and in 2017 she cycled across Ireland whilst 8 month pregnant to promote and support the work of charity organization Children’s Air Ambulance. Recently she just completed the first expedition to officially reach the furthest source of Essequibo river in Guyana and complete its descent by kayak. She feels close to Metaxa because it offers her new sensations, unexpected, the same like she feels during her trips she love so much.

Guillaume Nery is the most important contemporary explorer then it comes to ocean unknown depths. And everything happens in harmony with nature, without any artificial helps. When only 20 years old, in 2002, Guillaume became the youngest world record holder for a free-dive reaching a depth of 87 metres. In 2011 he became AIDA Free-diving World Champion and the best personal record for constant weight free-dive is of 126 metres, since 2015. Hence the pleasure of associating himself with Metaxa – a natural drink that reveals its flavors without resorting to any artificial mechanisms. Just like his diving.

As we speak, the Metaxa journey continues next to The Clumsies, the most famous bar in Greece and the sixth best bar in the world. Metaxa have chosen this partnership because The Clumsies is world famous for its cocktails but also for the way it explores the art of mixology through the sessions where it gathers all the famous bartenders.

In 2018, Metaxa and The Clumsies explore the beauties of Greece after a recipe where they mix a classic boat, 5 renowned bartenders, three islands from the Cyclades and three memorable experiences.

First stop is in Mykonos where the 130 years since the founding of Metaxa are celebrated with a cocktail party. Among guests there is also the Metaxa Master, Constantinos Raptis, the fifth Metaxa Master since the beginnings. The crew will arrive after on Antiparos island, a piece of quiet heaven where guests are welcomed with cocktails directly on the beach in an almost untouched natural landscape. For the third experience, the story of Metaxa and The Clumsies is written on the Paros island in its main city – Naoussa. There, in a scenery painted as in a Greek postcard, the attention is focused on the taste of a traditional dinner at the most famous restaurant in the area.