Style Diary

Mornings in Cannes

There is a place in Cannes to really enjoy a French style morning and it’s not the terrace of a 5 stars hotel…

There is a charm about being around morning markets. You can feel the luck we have with such a wonderful nature around us and taste the fresh ingredients, maybe just hours after they left the gardens. So, let’s say that you’re in Cannes and thinking about a place where the Riviera shows you the most intense flavor of its „terroir”.

Then you get dressed early and head to Place du Marche Forville. Here you find a story about wellbeing started in the 1930’ where goods are stacking every morning until lunch. Moreover, you have all the pastries and other local delicacies being served immediately after they were prepared with so much passion.

A dream scenario is to welcome a new day from the little terrace of the R. Junca, ”the foie gras” shop who will also feed you with a fresh roasted chicken and a warm baguette from ”the boulangerie” next door. You need to add some fruits you pick directly from the market and maybe a good cup of coffee. All of this while listening to music played just in front of you by an old guy with his accordion.