Style Diary

New CLS, a Mercedes-Benz story about how exclusivity feels like in 2018

We are living during times when we agree to pay more only if we receive everything. So why accept more inside and less outside, more design and less practicality?

I still have the live memory of the moment when I saw the first CLS for the first time. It was in Italy, and I was just getting out of the airport exactly for the international media presentation of new automotive ”invention”. Rome, a perfect sunny day and a supercar waiting for me. Because indeed, CLS came to the world as a supercar. Not as the most performant model, but as the design dream of any automotive fanatic in the world. Back then, a 4 Doors Coupe was that kind of thing to make you say ”Wow, who would think of this? But wow, it is so Beautiful!”

I will keep on to this memory and Mercedes-Benz will stay in my heart for the way the new CLS welcomed me. I don’t know how many of you remember, but in 2004 there was still a time when design was not the absolute priority. People were still considering aspects like interior space or engine before looks. Of course I am exaggerating but, still, beauty seems to be the Great argument of today. You just can’t live without the best design around. Fact! Especially when you talk luxury.

Three CLS generations later and I am charmed by the colours combination I see from my driving position. It is an ideal match between Bordeaux, Light Beige and White leathers that for sure I will think to translate into one of my future outfits. I don’t know why but every time I get inside this car I feel like flying away to a fancy yacht overlooking the French Riviera. Not to mention the light beige wood inserts adding to the already mesmerising high-quality living room to be noted as the new CLS interior.

The analogue indicators are long gone and two large displays are enough for all the info I need. In the few seconds I am not dreaming, I have to admit Mercedes-Benz is now taking part in the discreet automotive revolution meant to transform drivers into simple passengers. My arguments would be the hundreds of assistance systems to make you feel safe, smart and comfortable. So instead of naming hundreds of acronyms I confirm I have not driven but mostly told CLS what to do. CLS braked, accelerated, turned, switched radio stations and answered the phone just like the perfect assistant you might dream of. And all of this without being on board a spaceship. There are less visual clues of the automotive revolution we are witnessing compared to what we would have thought 20 years ago. Just remember the ”intelligent” automotive concepts of the 1990s! Exactly! All of them looked like UFOs.

The third generation of CLS has all the image ingredients of a new Mercedes-Benz. Even if this means having ”the face” of the new A-Class, the two times cheaper compact model. The brand did this on purpose as any A-Class owner should feel proud to drive an 100k image. What is still only for the CLS buyers is the one-of-a-kind story. You get the prestige and the luxury sensation just by looking at the wonderful colours and textures. Ok, even today is also a sunny day, like in 2004, nobody says ”Wow” anymore when a 4 doors coupe drives down the street. And the new CLS is not so bold looking like the first time. Instead, in 2018, it drives extremely quiet and it has the perfect air suspension. Not to mention an electronic solution for any need you had, have or will have during your entire life. Some men will also care about the engine even if CLS doesn’t seem like the sports hearted choice. The 3,0 l diesel solution is as discreet as a gasoline one and it seems like the perfect match regarding the smooth character of the car.

For sure people will argue for the exterior design but fortunately for Mercedes-Benz the loudest critics are usually not to be found among clients. Anyway, when you are designing the industry since so long, you get used to be criticized. And then followed. So you know a Coupe with 4 doors can’t go wrong. Not even at the third generation. Not now when there is an entire segment of 4 Doors Coupe where you are the Original.

3,0 l, six-cylinder in-line diesel engine under the bonnet, 340 ps, 4×4, 9-speed automatic transmission, 0-100 km/h in 5,0 s, top speed 250 km/h