Style Diary

Rocco Forte’s Hotel de la Ville – The view that gives you Rome

Escaping from the noise and dust following me on the stairs for the last 8 floors, I open the classic wooden doors to fly. I make one step to reach the large terrace on top of the 18th century palazzo.

I make a second step on the vintage floor and my mind has already flown far away where the skyline meets the legendary figures of the city. I feel like Rome is mine for as far as the eyes can see. Somehow, in my imagination, I am somewhere between past centuries and think only that Romans couldn’t have chosen a better place to head their empire. All Roads Lead to Rome and now I am up above the upcoming Hotel de La Ville, the newest Rocco Forte property to be opened on May 23rd.

I have the privilege to get a glimpse of how the hotel will make the world fall in love with Rome even stronger than before, if possible. It is brilliantly positioned on top of the Spanish Steps and has the privilege of a one-of-a-kind view from above the City of Seven Hills. It is finished with a strong local flavor and misses nothing from what a luxury 5 stars hotel should offer – including spa, fine dining and art. All details play with the past and the present and tapestries draw inspiration from the golden age from more than four centuries ago.

Above all, there is the accent on the local pleasure for eating and traditions related to socializing. There are 104 rooms and suites spread on 8 floors, the upper level being in fact reserved for the Presidential suit, the one meant to become the most desirable place to be in all Rome. One floor down there are another two signature suits and all can be connected for a big, happy and rich family. I can only imagine how guests will feel inside when all is finished. But, from where I am now, I can be sure they will love the view and feel the need for nothing else. The view comes as added value for the future guests of the luxury suits but also for the guests enjoying the roof top bar, at the sixth floor.

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