Style Diary

Sicily, love at first bite

I can’t say exactly what it is that makes Sicily such a wonderful place, but for sure you feel the special vibe the moment you step down from the plane.

Today was again the moment to experience the unique flavor of Sicily as the place from it seems that all Italy gets its talent to translate every language on Earth into the sweet ”Dolce Vita” style. Here, on my today trip that started in Palermo, I got the chance to have a bite of everything you can’t find anywhere else.

First, I took a big slice of Sicilian sunshine, that full bright sunlight that makes you feel on holiday. Second, I drove down those narrow streets where nobody follows any signs, not even Google maps. One hour and half later, after some highway and a few turns and scooters, I found Sciacca’s fishermen port and their best trattoria – Al Farro – exactly for an authentic ”pranzo”. A first bite of fresh seafood and everything I knew about the taste of fresh fish went away. Sicily is the first destination for Italian cuisine and now I have not even the slightest doubt about it. Just after the heavenly cannoli and one short espresso, I did a few steps down the road to find the best ”granita” in all Sicily. In the small Bar Roma there is a one-of-a-kind Signore Aurelio to prepare the delicious type of Lemon sorbet. Granita is not the kind of ice cream you know. It is a lemon ice-cream based on water and served in bread. More taste you find in the way Aurelio speaks about his fame and the way he wants to offer you his magic product for free.

Another 20 minutes and you find the jewel of the area, the Verdura resort. Sicily suddenly shows its glamorous side within a wonder land of silence and golf courses. Planned and cared for by Sir Rocco Forte, the Verdura takes the Italian refinement to a higher level. To be continued…